TRP full form - the long form of TRP

 What is the Full Form or what is the long form of TRP ?

The long form of TRP is - Television Rating Point.

Television Rating Point or TRP used to analyse TV channels . How many customers watch a particular TV show, how many customers watch Sports and much more reports exports From TRP. 

TRP full form

Know More about TRP

If a TV program has high TRP points means it is very popular among the peoples and people want to watch the programme. And Low TRP points means people didn't watch the TV program regularly.  If you want to advertise the High TRP channels was very useful for you.  And it is very important for business.

How it's work

TRP tracking is need your permission to track your TV program reports. If you enable tracking then the You get some discount in packages by the providers .

TRP trackers was attached yours set top box and it track your watchlist and generated your watch reports.

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