PVR Full Form in Cinema - full form of PVR

What is the Full Form of PVR in cinema ?

The Full Form of PVR is - Priya Village Roadshow.

PVR Full Form in Cinema

The founder of PVR cinemas 

Ajay Bijli is the founder of PVR cinemas . It is a flim amusement organisation which is certified by the Indian Government. The organisation established in 1995

 More informations

Priya Village Roadshow is a very popular and advanced cinemas organisation. It is one of the most largest cinemas organisation or multiplex. The company was first published the concept  of multiplexes in cinemas in India. The headquarter of PVR located in Gurgaon . 
It has High seating, hd streaming and many Luxury Services.

Now in India PVR exists in high populated and big cities and it has crossed 100+ cities.

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