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What is the Full Form of JPEG in images ?

The Full Form of the JPEG is - Joint Photographic Expect Group.

Know More about JPEG 

JPEG is a form of image quality. It is first invented on 1992 by the joint Photographic Expect Group. It is a very technically advanced method to compress an image and it's size and it's resolution .

So now let's know an example 

JPEG format is hugely used in internet because it's size is very short and advanced.

Suppose if you are a WhatsApp user and you want to send a photo to your friends and suppose the photo was not jpeg. But when you send the photos to your friends but your friends received the photo in JPEG format . What's app server changed the photo  in JPEG format.  In JPEG format  the highest image size is 65535×65535 pixels.

Highly used JPEG formats is .jpg .jpeg .jpe .jif.

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