SKU full form - what is the Full Form of SKU

What is the Full Form SKU ? 

SKU means

SKU stands for stock keeping unit and it is an code number which we can see in product's package.

SKU is identified  number which is used to track a inventory. So let's Know an exam
UGG-BB-PUR-06 this is a SKU Number of an boot company its first part contains the company name and it's last part or the numbering part contains his size means it's size is 06. 

SKUs are making the shopping experience more productive than any time in recent memory. For instance, when a product shopping previously, then a  Today, numerous retailers are furnished with versatile scanners empowering sales reps to return of-the-store stock by basically checking a story test. This is one of the numerous advantages of the present day SKU framework.

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