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What is the Full Form of PPC 

 The Full Form of PPC is - pay per click

Let's Know about what is PPC 

You have already know the Full Form of PPC . So 'pay per click' mainly use in online advertisement . 

If you run an campaign for your Restaurant Business on online advertisement like Google AdWords the advertising company has charged an amount for per click on your ads. 

PPC Full Form on Online Advertisement

Show the upper image . If I search Restaurants near me on Google. At first search engine show me those restaurants who has run a ad campaign . If I click on a ADS  and go to the homepage of the restaurant website then you will be charged on the click by Google AdWords.

Know About High and low PPC

 Low PPC and High PPC depends on your keywords, countries.

In India PPC will be Low and If you run an campaign in USA then your pay per click become High. Because USA has a larger economy than India. 

So In India you can reach more customers for just a low cost of money but in USA you need more money to reach more customers.
It's just an example but any Indian people didn't search Restaurants in USA. 😆 So it's an just example.

And PPC Also depends on keywords . Then you will find low competition keywords and low PPC keywords for your online advertising campaign.

Thank you for reading . If you like to know CPC Full Form and APK Full Form.

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