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What is the Full Form of RADAR

The Full Form of RADAR is - Radio detection and Ranging

RADAR full form

RADAR is an object  identification, electronic gadget that utilizes ultra-high recurrence or microwave some portion of the radio recurrence range to decide the position or scope of an item. It can likewise be utilized to identify the speed and heading of a moving object.

We can see a RADAR in plane , submarine , fighting plane, Satellites and new High tech car also. It helps us to define an object . If an unusual object is came to me but I don't have any sense then the help me and aware Form the object.

How it's work 

Basically Radar work physics sound or wave theory .  sound or wave always Flow on the area of the Radar . If an object came close to radar the wave crushed on the object and the wave reverse his path and go back to the radar machine . Then the object successfully showed on the radar.

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