OPD Full Form - what is the Full Form of OPD

What is the Full Form of OPD - OPD Full Form

OPD Full Form is - Outpatient Department

OPD Full Form

An OPD (outpatient Department)  is an emergency clinic division intended to be a first contact point between the patient and the medical clinic staff. A Patient who goes first time to the medical clinic, he straightforwardly goes to OPD and afterward the OPD chooses to which office a patient ought to go.

By and large an OPD is developed on the ground floor of any clinic and separated into a few sections like Neurology office, Orthopedics division, Gynecology office, General drug office and so on. Here the patient finishes all the conventions and afterward go the individual division.

Outpatient: An Outpatient is the patient who isn't hospitalized for 24 hours or all the more however visits the medical clinic or facility for treatment or determination.

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