CPC Full Form - what is the Full Form of. CPC

What is the Full Form of CPC ??

The Full Form of CPC Is - Cost per Click 

I you a Blogger , youtuber you surely know 'CPC' Word.

CPC Full Form is  Cost per click this is a number of money which is give by  Ad networks to their publisher if his monetize site has 1 click.

Suppose , I have a Website and monetize by Google Adsense ( any other ad networks) . You are a visitor of my website . Then you click my  ads . After that Google Adsense give me a commission for the click . And it is CPC.

If you click on my blogs ads then the ad network give me a commission that's call CPC.

High and Low CPC Depends

1. CPC Depends on the advertiser Campaigns. If advertiser's campaign was very high Rated then you get high CPC.

2. If you have your traffic from  High paying countries like new York, London, United Kingdom, Brazil then you CPC get high.

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