Mc Full Form - what is the Full Form of mc

Mc Full Form - what is the Full Form of MC

Mc Full form is - menstrual cycle

Mc stands for menstrual cycle. It is a regular and natural for an female. We know this as periods . Women's has bleeding during this period.

Mc Full Form

Period is very important for a woman and it is help a woman to be able a future mother.

A female have their first Period at their twelve to Fifteen age and it's continue to 45 age. This cycle's average length of 28 Days and it is divided into four different parts.

  1. Menstrual phases
  2. Follicular phase
3.Ovulatory phase

4.Leuteal phase

For some women, reaching menopause may be one of life's milestones, but it is largely unknown when it will occur. A blood test can help determine when the woman will last.

The test, known as Menocheck, cannot be given a firm date, but it will let women over the age of 47 know if they can opt out. Nanette Santoro at the University of Colorado Medical School in Aurora says it can be very beneficial for people who are sterilized or who have had painful or heavy periods of surgery. "They may be surprised at how much longer they have with this."

The average age at which menopause occurs is 51, but in most cases, this can happen at any time in a person's forties or early sixties. The periods before stopping for good are usually very rare. They stop because the ovaries lose working eggs, which leads to low levels of the anti-Mullerian hormone - the chemical that makes eggs - in the blood.

Previous tests have failed to measure the low level of anti-Mullerian hormone present in the year or two before menopause. But Menochek, which has been on sale for about a year, is more delicate. To see how well it performs, Santoro's team used it on blood samples taken on an annual basis from some 1500 women participating in a different menopause study. Santoro is a consultant for Menocheck manufacturer Ansh Labs.

The group found that those over the age of 47, who had a level of anti-Mullerian hormone level below a certain cut-off, were 67 percent more likely to have their last period within the next year, and 82 percent in two years.

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